Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I can breathe

Thank You Alabama!!!!!
Thanks to all the black folks who stepped up and worked and planned and brought out the voters.
You have restored my faith in the system.   If Nazis and Russians can't prevent this result, then it's not too late for America.

I have spent the last year with one goal in mind.   To preserve my sanity.
I really, honestly didn't think I would make it 12 months.
Truly.  I have been sedated every waking moment since Nov 9, 2016.

At first it was unbearable.  I was still having insomnia and anxiety symptoms from my dental problems.  I finally managed to fix my head, though. For the first time in my life- I don't have a headache.  My teeth and gums have finally completely healed and my head isn't clenched and my ears aren't ringing.  It's been a truly amazing thing to experience.

But the imminent possibility of the destruction of democracy still made it hard to think...
All my neural bandwidth was used up by the Republican Shitshow.

Thank you so much Alabama.

I'm gonna be able to sober up now and write my big thesis.