Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Scary Symptoms

Trump remembers what he ate (chocolate cake) - but not where he sent missiles (Syria, not Iraq as he says until corrected)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Paging Robert Koch

Seemingly innocuous virus can trigger celiac disease
The current study, a collaboration with Terence Dermody, MD, chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and physician-in-chief and scientific director at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, shows that intestinal viruses can induce the immune system to overreact to gluten and trigger the development of celiac disease. Using two different reovirus strains, the researchers showed how genetic differences between viruses can change how they interact with the immune system. Both reovirus strains induced protective immunity and did not cause overt disease. However, when given to mice, one common human reovirus triggered an inflammatory immune response and the loss of oral tolerance to gluten, while another closely related but genetically different strain did not.

Vintage Zombie Shopping

I think I need one of these.

The Isolator

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

As I was Saying

In a landmark study, researchers at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and McMaster University have found that providing clinical (low) doses of penicillin to pregnant mice and their offspring results in long-term behavioral changes.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Just Thinking

45 probably shouldn't fly around in airplanes so much.
His sinuses are much worse than mine and I get raging sick and cranky when I experience extreme altitude changes...

Come to think of it, that penthouse probably doesn't help either.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Ummm Republicans...

Plausible deniability is no longer an option. The BEST MULTILATERAL DEAL EVER is now laid bare. You now have to decide if you're on the side of Goldman Sachs, the Russian Mob and the KKK- or not.
Are those tax cuts for millionaires and that stolen Supreme Court seat worth it?

Monday, February 27, 2017

This Also Happened

President Obama: Obamacare Speech at Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida, Thurs. Oct. 20, 2016
And as I said, part of this is just — you know, health care is complicated. Think about this speech — it’s been pretty long, and you’re just — you’re thinking, wow, I just want to take a picture with the President or something. (Laughter.) So it’s hard to get people focused on the facts.

This Actually Happened

The President of the United States said: "Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated"

Old Librarian Says

There is not enough order in the New World Order.   Too much Chaos.
I can't keep track of all my new responsibilities.
I would really appreciate it if we could all adhere to the following schedule:

Monday: Disenfranchise some Black people.
Tuesday: Go to Taco Trucks and hassle Mexicans.
Wednesday: Monitor the bathrooms in public schools.
Thursday: Uninsure Sick People.
Friday: Go to the MiniMart and scare Muslims.
Saturday: Get some exercise and topple Jewish gravestones.
Sunday is reserved for Church.

You don't have to shame your own identity group, you will be targeted that day instead.
And don't forget to Blame the Media and Nasty Women every single day.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


The Trump phenomenon is an exercise in what you can accomplish if you simply don't care about what you're saying is true.

Friday, February 24, 2017

See the Pathology

I saw this picture on the internet yesterday and can't stop thinking about it.
This is not a sweetly sleeping baby.     This baby is in the middle of a narcoleptic sleep attack.
He has infected and swollen adenoids. He can't breathe through his nose.
And his tear ducts are clogged. That's why his eyelids and brows are swollen.
That hand under his face is to hold his mouth open and soothe the the pain in his cheeks.

He's oxygen deprived and mouth breathing because he's been laid down flat.
The resulting orexin deficiency has made his muscles slack and locked him in sleep.
Look at the furrowed brow, he's trying to move but can't.

He's already insulin resistant.   Chubby, smooth and pink...
I'm guessing somebody just fed him some cereal.

It's the stuff like this that gets me the most-  the things that everyone else thinks are cute and funny and make me feel like I've been gut punched.

What I See

I am assuming most everyone has seen this already-
This Danish video is giving everyone the feels

I am a professionally trained cataloging librarian. I think about classifying humans all the time.
And after a couple of decades spent ruminating on it-  I have decided they fall into a few categories....

-People with teeth infections.
-People with respiratory infections.
-People with both.

I rarely find anyone who can't fit in one of those buckets.

Article Roundup

Sorry it's been so erratic around here.  I haven't been able to even think about science due to the flaming shitshow coming from the White House and resulting Cognitive Denial of Service Attack on my brain ...
The Alzheimer's paper is still in the docket.   And I have decided to start doing lessons on facial symptoms soon.  We all need to take a good look in the mirror.

In the meantime-
Some medical science:

When Evidence Says No, but Doctors Say Yes
Long after research contradicts common medical practices, patients continue to demand them and physicians continue to deliver. The result is an epidemic of unnecessary and unhelpful treatments.

Autism risk linked to herpes infection during pregnancy
Women with signs of active genital herpes had twice the odds of giving birth to offspring with autism spectrum disorder.  Go figure.

Humans are hard-wired to follow the path of least resistance
The amount of effort required to do something influences what we think we see, finds a new study, suggesting we're biased towards perceiving anything challenging to be less appealing.

Vitamin D protects against colds and flu, finds major global study
Vitamin D supplements protect against acute respiratory infections including colds and flu, according to a study. The study provides the most robust evidence yet that vitamin D has benefits beyond bone and muscle health.

Food additive found in candy, gum could alter digestive cell structure and function
Small intestinal cells hindered by chronic exposure to common food additive

Some political science-

Immigrants are Less Likely to be Criminals Than the Native-Born

Husbands Are Deadlier Than Terrorists

Knee-jerk disgust is holding humans back
And this response is easily caused by digestive tract infection..

Why these librarians are protesting Trump’s executive orders
Don't piss off the librarians. They'll fuck you over quietly, document it, and archive it too.

And a little medical history-

Here’s to George Washington, afflicted with so many killer diseases it’s miraculous he survived to become father of our nation

Students Seek To Re-Create Ancient Beer Recipe Discovered In Pottery Vessels