Thursday, December 27, 2018

Peace Out

Due to a complete lack of interest, this blog will not be updated for the foreseeable future.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Saturday, December 15, 2018

See the Vortex

I never thought he was snorting cocaine in recent years.
surely back in the eighties he did.
but now it's too risky.

snorting lines of adderall makes tons of sense.
less legal liability, more availability and fits symptomatically.
that will  totally fuck up your nose and sinuses and cranial nerves.

white neuroticism in a pill.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Silence

Enjoy it.
Sometime soon that audio recording of Jamal Koshoggi being murdered is going to be released, and we will never be able to delete it from our brains...

An Odd Collection of Links

Home Is the 'Most Dangerous Place' for Women

Dominatrix specializes in turning ‘white, right-wing men’ into socialists

A Reckless and Needless Use of Gene Editing on Human Embryos
Doctors and researchers are some of the most righteously manic people on the planet...

Monumental Disaster at the Department of the Interior
A new report documents suppression of science, denial of climate change, the silencing and intimidation of staff.

Immigration to the United States changes a person's microbiome

Microbial-based treatment reverses autism spectrum social deficits in mouse models
Lactobacillus reuteri actually has been beneficial for me.   Seems to improve my epithelial healing, which has a lot of benefits to my sensory integration.  I am much less anxious and sketchy, which has been intense since my septic reaction to keflex.

Stitching and Swearing: The Profanity Embroidery Group
finally, a club for me...

Friday, November 30, 2018

Dreams come true

I have been saving a gluten free pizza for just this occasion.

Tonight I will eat some carbs and drink a couple shots of hard apple cider and send myself to the land of dreams.

I used to wish for Idris Elba encounters.
Tonight I will dream of a world without Trumps.
It just sounds so lovely...

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

My Two Cents

Nobody could have predicted this man was righteous and impulsive.
At this point, I would put him on a suicide watch.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

True Grace

Christine Blasey-Ford will donate the excess money from her GoFundMe account to charities that support sexual violence survivors.
The money she has spent, has been on security- to protect her from violent men.

Go figure.

Bad Hombres

Video shows explosion at border agent's gender-reveal party that sparked Arizona wildfire 

1.  Ladies, stop this bullshit.   You are the only one obsessed with your fetus.

2.  These are the geniuses that are hired to work on the Southern border.  I am way more afraid of them than the people they say they are protecting me from.

More Discipline

New Proud Boy Rules: Less Fighting, Less Wanking
The Proud Boys have new rules: the far-right outfit is trying to escape its violent rep with new prohibitions on fedoras, cargo shorts, head punches, crystal meth, and masturbating.
Yeah the cargo shorts and fedoras aren't the problem. 
And prohibiting irrelevant things only distracts attention from and perpetuates the cranial pathology and insensitivity to pain that makes them enjoy being wounded.

Amphetamines are an historical and effective respiratory treatment, but will eventually fuck up your face.  Destroys your nose and cranial nerves, dehydrates your mouth, and eventually causes rotten teeth, mouth breathing, and sleep deprivation.   Meth use predictably leads to Hysterical Apnea- panic reactions and sexual obsession.

For that reason, we ladies would appreciate it if they would drink less and snort less and shower and wank more.  (In their mom's basement where we can't see them.)  As often as necessary to keep them off the streets until their heads are working properly.

Thanks boys. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Microbes in the News

The Science Is Clear: Dirty Farm Water Is Making Us Sick
For more than a decade, it’s been clear that there’s a gaping hole in American food safety: Growers aren’t required to test their irrigation water for pathogens such as E. coli. As a result, contaminated water can end up on fruits and vegetables.
After several high-profile disease outbreaks linked to food, Congress in 2011 ordered a fix, and produce growers this year would have begun testing their water under rules crafted by the Obama administration’s Food and Drug Administration.
But six months before people were sickened by the contaminated romaine, President Donald Trump’s FDA – responding to pressure from the farm industry and Trump’s order to eliminate regulations – shelved the water-testing rules for at least four years.

Yes the people who voted for this no-regulation bullshit are also the ones who demand we come over on holidays and thank Jesus for our healthy and bountiful food.
I always silently say thanks to the migrant farm workers and food safety inspectors instead.

Hey Old Hippies

Any of you having flashbacks like me?

Just glad the Great and Glorious Goofus  put those troops in Texas.

Sunday, November 25, 2018


While I am reminiscing... How I spent the last lame duck session:
Feeling like my hair was on fire.   Not kidding.

Right after Thanksgiving 2016 my skin got so dehydrated from living here that my scalp rebelled.
I had been coloring my hair since 1980.  I put the solution on my head as usual and took a shower and tried to blow it dry.   My head started itching immediately, and within a couple hours all my hair follicles were blisters and my entire scalp puffed up like a biscuit.   I got a dent on the side of my head where my glasses arms were too tight.

I immediately cut off about 8 inches.  And tried everything  I could think of.   Oils, salves, took antihistamines....  most of them just made it worse.
It itched so bad it made me insane.   I couldn't sleep in any position.
I ended up getting a fleece hat, soaking it and my hair, and walking around with a wet head for a week. 
Totally serious.

 A couple months later I figured out the aloe/olive oil mix.
That helped a lot, but I never colored my hair again.
And it grew back in white.

I became a White Walker during the transition.
And obsessed with dehydration.
Go figure.