Auntie Zombie Explains Insanity

These top 10 causes of death accounted for almost 75% of all deaths in the U.S. in 2021:

  • Heart disease (695,547)
  • Cancer (605,213)
  • COVID-19 (416,893)
  • Accidents (224,935)
  • Stroke (162,890)
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases (142,342)
  • Alzheimer’s disease (119,399)
  • Diabetes (103,294)
  • Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis (56,585)
  • Kidney disease (54,358)


7 of them can be directly linked to one microbe.   One microbe that infects human heads.

2 are caused by drinking alcohol to ease the misery of the infection.

That’s insane.  It’s ridiculous.   But it’s true.

I think everyone on the planet needs to know this, but nobody I meet has heard of it. Not even medical staff.   All the articles are written in scientific format and language that untrained people can’t read.  I am a medical librarian and I can’t even understand them when I’m sick.

I am going to simplify the language and put my references elsewhere. I am going to minimize the use of abbreviations and italics to avoid confusion.   I am going to oversimplify a lot of processes for brevity.   The details really aren’t necessary to get the big picture.  The great thing about this research is it simplifies so many things.   It solves so many mysteries.  It’s going to make things so much easier.  

Don't try to remember everything.  I have kept each section mostly self-contained.  If I mention a chemical, I will explain it within a couple sentences.   I have bolded the important terms to remember.

Almost all the information I am using is contained in these review articles.   They are long detailed explanations of the conditions known to be caused or facilitated by Porphyromonas gingivalis. 

Porphyromonas gingivalis and Its Systemic Impact: Current Status

Porphyromonas gingivalis, a Long-Range Pathogen: Systemic Impact and Therapeutic Implications

 If you are a biology nerd and want to read all the technical details, go read those.   The extent to which this is understood is astonishing.   I do not understand why researchers aren’t running and screaming about this in the streets!


Alzheimer’s for Zombies

Despite what you may believe:  Alzheimer’s Disease is not a mystery.  The people who research it know pretty well how it works.  I can explain the basics in one page.   They just haven’t figured out a way to sell you a patented treatment yet.   Treatments might be obsolete soon though; it’s going to be preventable in the near future. There are already effective vaccines for mice.  

Alzheimer’s disease is defined by the buildup of molecules called Tau and Beta Amyloid in the brain.  This is thought to cause the dementia symptoms.  There are many other changes that occur, but the buildup of these molecules in the brain is the definitive marker of the disease.    

What researchers do know is that this brain damage in Alzheimer’s is caused by immune reactions to very common infections.   There are multiple infections that trigger this immune response, and a gene that makes it progress more rapidly in certain people.   Different combinations are possible.  I am going to concentrate on the two most pervasive infections and the gene, because they cause the vast majority of the cases.

Beta Amyloid (βA).  is the main component of amyloid plaques, extracellular deposits found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease.

 It is a molecule released by neurons into the synapse when there are microbes in the brain.  It has been shown to have antimicrobial properties.

The production of βA is normally counterbalanced by its degradation by several processes that operate in the brain, however during acute infection they can be overwhelmed and βA can accumulate. 

  • Beta amyloid production is increased by the bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis (PG) which infects the mouth and causes gum disease. 
  • The Herpes 1 virus (HSV1), which causes mouth lesions, also increases beta amyloid production. 

Tau is a protein that forms microtubules in the neuron which support the internal structure. 

Hyperphosphorylation of tau alters it shape so it isn’t straight and can’t be degraded.  This causes it to cluster into aggregates called neurofibrillary tangles which result in the death of the neurons.

  • Hyperphosphorylation of tau is strongly triggered by the Herpes 1 virus.  
  • P. gingivalis also induces tau hyperphosphorylation and accumulation of misfolded tau.


The membranes of neurons contain a lot of cholesterol.  Apolipoprotein E (APOE) is a cholesterol transport molecule.  Astrocytes (cells surrounding the neurons) make it to transport cholesterol to the neurons.  It has been shown to affect many of the processes involved I have mentioned.  APOE exists in three main variants in humans- APOE2, APOE3, APOE4.

APOE4 is by far the major genetic variant linked to Alzheimer’s disease.  APOE4 is less effective at these functions, and cell integrity is compromised. 

·         Astrocytes also collect the excess beta amyloid that neurons have dumped into the synapse.   They internalize it and degrade it.  APOE4 producing cells are slower at this.

·         Astrocytes form most of the blood-brain barrier.  It has been found that APOE4 leads to barrier breakdown, decreased cerebral blood flow, and neuronal loss.

·         APOE4 astrocytes exhibit a higher basal expression of inflammation related molecules.

·         APOE4 seems to facilitate the entry and/or spread of HSV1 in the brain much more efficiently than APOE3. Animals expressing human APOE4 present very high levels of HSV1 in the brain when compared to those expressing the APOE3 gene.  In contrast, there were no significant differences in the viral levels found in organs which do not contain APOE.


The big fun twist is:  HSV1 and P. gingivalis work together to create openings and cross the blood-brain barrier.  People with recurring herpes and PG will not only have aggressive gum disease, but more rapid brain damage as well.

HSV1 can be controlled with antiviral drugs.   They have been shown to improve the symptoms of mild Alzheimer’s.  I started taking Valacyclovir a decade ago because I have APOE4 and HSV1.   That’s why I can type this, that’s why I am not already dead.   It only slows the progression down though- because of the contribution of P. gingivalis.   That’s what I learned during my most recent journey into the void…

There are very few drugs that work against P. gingivalis, and acquired resistance to them is common. Certain vaccines will probably be highly effective though.   They have already shown efficacy in Alzheimer’s lab mice.

 Luckily, my research and experience indicates that Alzheimer’s is already reversible and preventable.

Curcumin/Turmeric is more effective than existing drugs targeting P. gingivalis.  It is a natural product and has been effectively used in India to fight gum disease for centuries.   It improved my mouth and my mind dramatically in a few weeks. 

That is really good news because P. gingivalis is the most likely cause of many other problematic conditions.   Like Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Arthritis- just for starters!


Porphyromonas Gingivalis- The Vampire Squid

 P. gingivalis is an anaerobic bacterium that lives in the gap between your teeth and gums.  It causes damage to the tissue and eventually erodes the bone in the jaw.

This microbe is everywhere.  It’s endemic all over the planet.  It always has been.  It is found in prehistoric human remains.

There are tons of population studies.  The rates of antibody response run between 40-100%, correlating with the age of the patients.  Here’s one set of results:  detection of PG was found to be 91.5% in chronic periodontitis and 58% in healthy individuals.    

P. gingivalis was first isolated in the 1950's by H. Werner in Germany from an undocumented human oral infection.   Nobody paid much attention to it until about fifteen years ago.   There were many more glamorous things to study… until DNA probes found P. gingivalis everywhere…

Periodontitis and missing teeth have always been linked to many other adverse health outcomes.  Modern research has now confirmed the presence of this specific bacteria all over the body.  That’s why they call gum disease a “risk factor”.   Yeah, it’s way more than that.   It is well documented that PG is an active participant in most of the progressive end-of-life diseases of humans.  The ones they tell you are caused by drinking, smoking, and drugs….

Dental Plaque is a collection of bacteria that stick together. They can live on the teeth, gums, tongue, and throughout the mouth. The yellow film that a person sees on their teeth is plaque.  P. gingivalis forms a black outline at the base of the teeth on the gumline too.   PG and other species of bacteria can join together to form a biofilm.  Biofilms are thick, sticky substances that protect bacteria, making them stronger and harder to remove. P. gingivalis forms very toxic, aggressive biofilms.  P. gingivalis changes the entire oral microbiome and creates an environment that not only favors its growth and survival, but also facilitates the growth of many other pathological species. 

If a person does not remove plaque, it calcifies by trapping minerals from the saliva, causing it to harden.  This is called calculus or tartar.


Now I have to explain a little about how P. gingivalis in your gums can cause problems all over the body.

Cell infiltration, survival and cell to cell transport

PG doesn’t just sit on your teeth and make plaque.   It invades the outer cells of your gums and cheeks right away.   It takes about fifteen minutes to hack its way in.  Then it multiplies and travels from cell to cell to other part of the head and neck. This mechanism of spreading allows PG to colonize tissues without exposure to the immune response.

  •  From there it can get into your cranial nerves and into the brain.
  •  It attaches to food and saliva and gets swallowed into your gastrointestinal tract.
  • P. gingivalis LPS alters the mucous in your salivary glands.   It reduces the levels of mucin, a molecule that defends against bacterial infections.   Very diabolical.
  • It can also get into your blood vessels and cells.  It likes to get in your blood.   PG really is like a vampire.  It needs iron to survive and it likes to tap into your hemoglobin.  It hitches rides around your body attached to your red blood cells.   It will infiltrate and live in your white blood cells but not kill them.
  • Don’t forget the lymphatic system, yes, it ends up in there too.  It really likes closed tight spaces with epithelial linings like vessels and ducts. 

It often joins other microbes or their chemical products around the body to do even more damage.

All that sneaking around is terrifying, but it also has a few short and long-range weapons in its toolkit.

Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) - this is the main molecule of the outer coating of pathogenic bacteria. It is shedding and regenerating constantly.   It is recognized by the immune system and triggers the immune response.   Particles of LPS can travel in the blood and lymphatic system causing immune reactions in distant areas or throughout your body.  

Vessicles - are tiny spherical structures that surround biologically active molecules.   They are continuously discharged  from the bacterial cell and spread around the body like package bombs. Vessicles have various advantages including preventing the contents from degradation, and entry into smaller spaces than the entire bacterium.

Gingipains - are 3 specific vessicles from PG bacteria that cut through proteins and are used to extract the iron from hemoglobin. They are pretty general implements though; they can cleave other proteins too.  They destroy cytokines, which are the front line host defense molecules.   This allows PG to and its friends to survive longer in the tissues.


Ready?   Let’s explore some of the ways these little monsters destroy lives.

These first four syndromes should sound familiar.


Atherosclerosis /Hypertension

Every little bit of this is known down to the molecular level.    It is not a mystery.

When PG gets into your bloodstream it attaches to red blood cells to get the iron.  This is important because red blood cells won’t be attacked by white blood cells, because they are not foreign bodies.  It’s stealth vehicle technology.

PG then teams up with Streptococcus mutans in the arteries.  Strep mutans causes cavities in your teeth.  It goes through the holes it makes and into your bloodstream too.  They get together and burrow into the walls of the blood vessels.  Together with P gingivalis, S. mutans was found to accelerate arterial plaque formation in mice and induce platelet aggregation, which leads to clot formation.

Both PG and S. Mutans are found in human arterial plaques.

PG alters cholesterol levels!!!! 

Total and LDL cholesterol levels were elevated and HDL cholesterol levels were decreased in P. gingivalis infected mice.

PG vessicles significantly increases vascular permeability.

PG causes calcification of the blood vessels.

It raises blood pressure!

Long term exposure to PG precedes strokes!

P. gingivalis can affect both clot structure and mechanics.

  • LPS from P. gingivalis caused the clot to become more dense
  • Gingipain exposed clots seem to break free abruptly at lower stresses

Statin drugs, which are prescribed for atherosclerosis, efficiently inhibit P. gingivalis. Simvastatin was most efficient and decreased P. gingivalis counts more than 1,300-fold relative to the control.



P. gingivalis has been shown to induce cancer by altering the host cell membrane, and promoting cancer cell proliferation.

PG is capable of converting alcohol into acetaldehyde, which destroys host cell membranes.  Acetaldehyde build up can cause irreversible DNA damage, which can lead to tumor formation.

PG is capable of infiltrating and living in tumors and accelerates their growth.   PG has also been shown to suppress the immune system, enabling survival of the tumors, as well as promoting chemotherapy resistance.

It is especially associated with tumors in the cells lining ducts and vessels.   Epithelial squamous cell carcinoma. 

The bacteria and their debris travel with food and saliva from the mouth into the esophagus and are associated with many cancers there.  The stomach seems to kill a lot of it, live cells are much rarer in the intestines and colon.  The vessicles survive and do plenty of damage, though.

Mouth and Throat-     P. gingivalis is highly correlated with all these cancers. 

It’s found in the tumors.   Levels of PG were positively correlated the clinical stage of the patient.

Lung - From the esophagus, PG can be inhaled into the lungs.

Colonization of P. gingivalis in carcinoma tissues was significantly higher than that in adjacent lung tissues.

Breast -    Breasts have ducts and are made to be in contact with mouths.

PG creates very resistant biofilms with fusobacterium at the gum line.  PG and fusobacterium are found in breast cancer tumors.   Fusobacterium is carcinogenic and seems to be the actual trigger for many breast cancers. 

Diabetes/ Obesity

This correlation has been known for ages and the causation has always been assumed to go the other way:  Diabetes made gum disease worse.    It looks like that was wrong…

P. gingivalis causes a systemic inflammatory response, disrupts insulin signaling pathways, reduces pancreatic β-cell function, and reduces their numbers.  PG impairs glucose uptake in skeletal muscle and causes decreased insulin sensitivity leading to insulin resistance. 

More specifically. the human hormone GLP-1, which induces secretion of insulin from the pancreas, is degraded by PG bacterial cells and gingipain.

This is the hormone you all are replacing with Ozempic.  You might want to rethink that.


Pancreatic Cancer

P. gingivalis survives inside pancreatic cancer cells.   Increased tumor cell proliferation was related to the degree of intracellular persistence, and infection of tumor cells with PG led to enhanced growth. 



Rheumatoid Arthritis

This link has also been known forever.    Some of the drugs for arthritis already target PG. I think these are the researchers who are working on a vaccine.

P. gingivalis and it vessicles have been found in the joints of arthritis patients.   It was assumed they were linked, but there didn’t seem to be a difference in numbers between people with arthritis and without.

Recently, PG has been reported to produce a unique enzyme, which converts the terminal molecules in proteins to citrulline. 

It is now clear that the majority of rheumatoid arthritis cases are triggered by an immune response to the citrullinated proteins. Genetically susceptible individuals generate antibodies against them.  The antibodies cause the subsequent development of RA.


Ankylosing Spondylitis

Spinal arthritis seems to be strongly associated with PG.    Periodontal disease is very common in these patients.    Researchers used moxifloxacin—an antibiotic used to treat P gingivalis —for AS treatment in 2007. Moxifloxacin was continuously effective in treating the symptoms and clinical parameters of AS.




Okay, that was literally jaw dropping, let’s move on to all the other illnesses I found along the way.


Salivary Glands

PG colonizes the salivary glands under your jaw.  The submandibular and sublingual glands.

This is the easiest symptom to notice besides black teeth: double chins.  If you look closely, they aren’t only made of fat.  They are swollen salivary glands.  Weight gain is a symptom too, but the large neck size is out of proportion.


Erectile Dysfunction

The function of penile erection is impaired by periodontitis. The decreased nitric oxide activity in penile tissue caused by mild systemic inflammation in periodontitis is one of the important risk factors of ED.

Prostate disease- P gingivalis has been found in prostatic secretions of men with both periodontal and prostate diseases.



Studies confirm the presence of P. gingivalis in the amniotic fluid and placenta of women with poor pregnancy outcomes.

P. gingivalis is linked with the development of preeclampsia, spontaneous abortion, gestational diabetes, low birth weight, and misconception. The vessicles of PG can directly injure and alter the structure and microbiome of fetal and maternal tissues. PG can even exaggerate the production of inflammation in the uterus that increases the risk onset of preterm labor.

Women who are breastfeeding are at a higher risk of cavities and gum infections. This is due to the fact that women who breastfeed lose up to 5 percent of their bone mass. 

P gingivalis transfers from mother’s saliva to baby’s saliva within 48 hours of birth.


Celiac Disease

P. gingivalis seems to trigger gluten intolerance in people with certain genes.

The gingipains degrade cell junctions in the intestine.  Gluten also induces intestinal permeability.  This allows gluten fragments to escape and trigger antibody production.  

A long-term study in children showed that existing PG infection was strongly associated with developing intestinal damage and celiac antibodies.

This mechanism would also explain later onset gluten intolerance.


Vision loss

This isn’t fully established, but it seems really plausible. 

There is about a 2-fold higher risk of macular degeneration in patients with periodontal bone loss.    

The risk of Diabetic retinopathy increases with PG antibody levels.

Mice retinae showed signs of developing macular degeneration when they were exposed to PG.

Live PG bacteria adhere to and invade human retinal cell cultures.


Kidney Disease

Gingipains cause kidney damage by activating an inflammatory response in the tissues.

Elevated serum antibodies to P. gingivalis were significantly associated with decreased kidney function.


There are clearly genetic factors involved in the presentation of these symptoms.  It seems every family has some limited version of this.   Mine gets throat cancer and dementia.   My husband’s family have diabetes and heart attacks.   Another I know has celiac and arthritis.  In addition, there is reason to suspect it is also involved in Parkinson’s and Autism.


So, have we got the picture?   This squid has tentacles everywhere.   And they become obvious later in life.     I need everyone to know there are a lot of earlier symptoms too.


Porphyromonas Gingivalis-   the ghost in the machine


Having gone over the many physical illnesses caused by PG, I can finally get to the reason I’m doing this.  I have made a similar list of mental illnesses.  I think many of them are caused by the unnoticed effects of the infection in its early stages.  

What I’m saying is that Porphyromonas gingivalis will make you all kinds of crazy before your mouth gets bad enough that dentists actually do something.

I haven’t had all the physical symptoms yet.   I’m getting there.   I have an oral cancer now.

I have had almost all the mental problems that exist though.   Even the really exotic ones.   Hallucinations. Amnesia.  Narcolepsy.  Sleepwalking.  Tourettes…


First, let me explain something.   Emotions are physical things.   They are chemical signals of physical events that you can’t feel directly or immediately.   This is because they are processes in areas that don’t have sensory nerves. They are often processes that produce hormones instead.   Hormones travel in the blood and don’t trigger a feeling of location.

A good place to explain this is the gastrointestinal tract.   You can feel your mouth and throat, part of your stomach and your anus.   The rest of the intestines and organs don’t have sensory neurons to the brain.   You can’t feel your guts directly.   I suppose that’s a good thing since they are constantly busy.   But it produces hormones and causes brain sensations that you can’t identify the source.   These are primary emotions, good, bad, confident, uncertain, afraid.  Sick.

Periodontal diseases, primarily gingivitis and periodontitis, are characterized by progressive inflammation and tissue destruction. However, they are not also accompanied by the pain commonly seen in other inflammatory conditions. This suggests that interactions between the bacteria and host cells create an environment in which the pain signals are inhibited.

The membrane of PG has this effect.   The technical term is anti-nociceptive.   Nociception is the perception of pain.

It has this effect because it attaches to capsaicin receptors.    Capsaicin receptors actually transmit pain signals, but they are quickly overwhelmed and then shut down.   Prolonged application of P. gingivalis LPS has this same effect.   It interrupts the pain signals.

If you have this infection, you can’t feel it.

You will have all kinds of things going on in your body and never know it.  You will have lots of inflammation and aches and pains.   You will complain about everything but your mouth.

This is paradigm shifting.   This explains a ton of things.    Let me count the ways….



Of course it causes depression.   All illnesses do.  It’s one of the immune system reactions to infection.  If there are microbes in your blood, your body will react in a number of ways.  One of the first things it does is shut down your production of Orexin, an alertness neurotransmitter, which then makes you tired.   What you are experiencing is the physical downshifting of your body’s activity to deal with microbe invasion. Depression is the emotional feeling of being in low gear. This microbe also seriously disrupts your glucose metabolism and that makes you hungry and exhausted.

The fact that it doesn’t resolve after distressing events shows that it’s not mental.  You’re sick.


Of course it causes anxiety.   All illnesses do if they don’t resolve.   It’s the second stage of sickness.   If you don’t get better, after a while your body will start to panic.

  • Porphyromonas gingivalis is associated with high levels of cortisol in chronic periodontitis patients.
  • I am pretty sure this is a common cause of hair loss…


This is also easily explained as sickness behavior of unknown origin.   

Lethargy and demotivation.  Anxiety and stress.   Social isolation.   Social seeking.  Overconfidence.  Despair.  These are symptoms of illness.

It vacillates because there is a constant interplay between the infection and the immune system.   Sometimes you are worse, sometimes you are better.  Since you can’t feel your mouth, you address any other thing you can think of.   Some people blame literally anything-  aliens come to mind.

Occasionally you do go to the dentist and get your teeth fixed and cleaned.   This alters your microbial burden, and you might recover for a while. You might get a sinus  or urinary tract infection and take some antibiotics.   That will shift things too.

The cycles get faster as you get sicker.  Your sleep and metabolism deteriorate, and your blood sugar starts swinging wildly.  

Any painless, hidden infection could cause this effect.  And it usually subsides because the source of infection becomes obvious and treated.   

But some of us have PG.   Some of us have always had PG.  And PG treatments have always been ineffective.



Yeah, this is Alzheimer’s.   Alzheimer’s in children. 

  • Patients with Alzheimer’s have a high frequency of previous ADHD symptoms.
  • Alzheimer’s experimental mice have ADHD symptoms when young.
  • Children and adolescents with ADHD had more gingival bleeding than their non-ADHD peers, but no difference regarding plaque or gingivitis was detected between groups.

The vampire at work.  This is a sign of early infection.   The bacteria extracting the blood.


Migraines/Cluster Headaches

PG is capable of infiltration and survival in the Trigeminal nerve, the largest nerve in the face.  It parties in there with the Herpes 1 virus.   They are both capable of traveling back to the brain from the mouth.

They also both invade the Facial nerve.    If you look at the maps of these nerves, you will see why we have headaches.  They wind everywhere including most of the sense organs.  The inflammation clenches our heads.


       Trigeminal Nerve                                               Facial Nerve       


Brain Fog

This actually is in the brain.   PG causes the activation of Astrocytes.   Astrocytes are the cells in the brain that physically surround, feed and maintain the nerve cells.  There are more of them than neurons.  Activation means their defense system is activated, not the cell.  They are actually less functional.  Their filaments get stiff and membrane pores tighten.  Molecules don’t move as well.  They minimize maintenance of the nerve connections.  If this goes on for too long, the neurons they maintain will start to deteriorate.  

Everyone assumes the death of the neurons cause the memory problems.   Maybe in the end, but this phenomenon is problematic all along.

I believe this because I don’t have random gaps in my memory.  It’s all there, it just gets dense and dark and too difficult and slow to navigate, and after the anxiety gets bad, I just don’t bother.   It happens all over, more like a dimmer.   The details go first- proper names and intricate sequences. 

It’s reversible too.   You have experienced this after illness.   Most infections have this effect.  When they resolve, your astrocytes relax and your brain starts working again.



This also seems like a direct consequence of pain suppression.      These people are trying to ease their symptoms somehow.   Punching things percusses the shoulders and spine. Pounding your head vibrates the sinuses and spine.  Running probably works too.   Piercing your face and ears suppresses the trigeminal and activates the vagus nerves. 

We get this bacteria all over our skin when we breathe and it supresses our ability to feel. Cutting your skin activates your epithelial immune system- this includes tattoos and repetitive elective surgery.   If you can withstand tattooing your face- you can feel no pain.  Clean your teeth instead.


I am pretty sure this is caused by dental neglect.   I have yet to think of a life trauma that doesn’t involve ignoring the dentist and/or brushing your teeth.   This is especially true in accidents or illnesses requiring surgery or rehabilitation. 

That is the wrong time to forget about your mouth.   If this infection is acute, you will not be able to incorporate a lot of change in your life.  Your brain can’t remodel the nerve connections.   You will have a lot of anxiety and go over the same old thoughts.  Your senses will be all messed up. You won’t be able to sleep properly.  



I have been doing involuntary field research on this condition my whole life.  It is easily inducible with chronic illness.  Bacteria in your bloodstream lowers orexin levels.   Sleeping is sickness behavior.  

This is a fun find for me.  This gene is highly associated with Narcolepsy:

The DQB1*0602 gene may produce an accelerated immune response to certain periodontal bacteria such as P. gingivalis and thus increased susceptibility to early onset periodontitis.

Yeah, that makes total sense..   I went to conferences, all the narcos seemed to have problematic teeth.   I was so sure it was related, I handed out toothbrushes one year.  Sadly, brushing didn’t help.   Gluten-free diets did though… for a while.


Sleepwalking, Cataplexy, Tourette’s Syndrome

These behaviors are caused by chronic inflammation of the throat and neck.   It pinches major nerves and causes all kinds of sudden involuntary behavior.

I have written another page about that.   It’s too long for this discussion.  The point is- all these infections cause inflammation in the mouth, throat and neck.   Having them at the same time can short-circuit your head from your body.



These people have a bunch of the other symptoms, and hallucinations too.   The hallucinations are caused by those inflamed and pinched nerves all over their face.

Lots of eye nerves get irritated, there’s a big junction behind your eyeballs.     I don’t really see things when my eyes are open, but I do have a lot of shapes and shadows and movement when they are closed.   Geometric patterns when I fall asleep.   Lots of radial symmetry.   All that seems to come from socket infection of the upper teeth, it changes depending on which teeth are problematic.

There’s motion too, which makes the ray pattern look like a tunnel.  The motion seems to come from the trigeminal nerve.  It pulsates and creates ripple patterns from the center, like a pebble dropped in water.  (Epilepsy trigger alert!)  The overlapping patterns  simulate forward propulsion somehow.   This morphs into driving in my dreams.  There is usually a sudden cliff at the end of the road.  The pattern is usually black and tan, but became a 3-D multicolor chrysanthemum firework when I was my sickest.  

I never really had intrusive voice hallucinations, but I can imagine.  All the nerves for hearing meet at the jaw hinge, and there’s always a lot of infection by the molars.   There are many phrases that repeat in my mind, but I don’t hear them.  I say them out loud instead.   It’s delightful.   I think the angry ones come from the Habenula (next section). 

I do have diminished and distorted hearing since my lower molars broke, though.  Constant high-frequency low-intensity ringing.   If I sit under a loud fan, it sounds like whispering.   My windshield wiper motor sounds like a siren.  I get sudden high-pitched tinnitus if my nostrils dry out.  It sounds a lot like a woman shrieking.  I have a terrible time changing altitude anymore, too.

I am quite sure anyone with infected and impacted molars is susceptible to this phenomenon.



This microbe highly activates the Habenula in the brain.  The habenula causes panic attacks and major depressive disorder.  Avoidance behavior.  Fleeing from aversive stimuli.

That part of the brain tells you if it thinks your decisions are wrong.   An overactive habenula makes you think your decisions are always wrong.   Your behavior is wrong.  Everything you do is wrong. Everything you ever have done is wrong.   Everything you ever will do will be wrong.  Acute dysfunction creates the feeling of absolute futility and is the source of suicidality.

Yeah, been there, done that. My entire life.  It really makes being told you’ve made a mistake an excruciating experience.   It makes you hate and avoid authority.   You blame them for causing your pain.

It’s almost impossible to admit a mistake. It feels like the end of the world.  We’ll do anything to avoid it.

That explains a whole lot of things I see every day.

 Hey guys- can we stop blowing on birthday candles now?    Please?    It’s really freaking me out.    I thought you people would have learned that lesson during Covid….


Addiction -  The Phantom Menace

I don’t really believe in addiction. 

This concept was invented when social workers couldn’t figure out how to get people to stop taking drugs.  Drug cessation programs were supposed to solve everything. 

Rehab doesn’t work.  Everyone relapses.  There’s a reason.  Getting sober does not solve the problem!

“Addiction Experts” assert that drug seeking behavior is caused by the drugs.  Yeah, No.

The “recreational” and “abuse” drugs are therapeutic.   They ease pain.  They calm the mind.  They increase stamina.  They address the crippling symptoms of chronic illness.  Many of them are antimicrobial, and a lot started as pharmaceutical medications.

They don’t solve the problem, but they do ease suffering.  The issue isn’t that they are partially effective, but that they also have destructive long-term effects.  Until now, their long-term consequences really have been worth the risk- because doctors didn’t help. 

They tell us we’re imagining our symptoms.  They document that we are incompetent and/or anti-compliant.  They make our problems worse with these labels.   And then they give us drugs that aren’t effective either.

We don’t take drugs because we are stupid.  People are really not that stupid.  We take them because they make us feel better.  We’re sick.  We are attracted to things that ease our symptoms. Think about it, the entire UK is "addicted" to curry...

Frankly, we’ve done a better job of suppressing P. gingivalis than they have.

Don’t want to believe that?  Let me elaborate on some of the therapeutic reasons to use the chemicals classified as recreational drugs or drugs of abuse:


Alcohol-   The reason people drink is because it reduces pain and makes them forget their problems.  It’s very pleasant.  All primates love it and seek it out. Humans invented agriculture to make more of it.

It’s not that toxic by itself, but it is truly problematic for people with active P. gingivalis infection (at least half of humanity).

Ethanol has slight inhibitory effects on PG when it is free but has no effect when it is embedded in its periodontal biofilms.    It doesn’t seem to make it grow more or less.  Alcohol dries out the mouth though, and when saliva flow is reduced, the risk for tooth decay and gum disease increases.  It also increases epithelial permeability in the mouth and the intestines.   That allows transfer of microbes and vessicles into the tissues of the head and body.

The real problem with alcohol is it triggers the digestive tract cancers.  P. gingivalis is capable of converting ethanol into acetaldehyde, which is a carcinogen.   Alcohol use with PG is highly associated with that whole series of cancers.  

Please don’t drink to drown the depression, it doesn’t work.  Low level drinking in healthy people activates the habenula to make you stop.  After a lot of drinking, the cessation circuit wears out, so you keep seeking.   Your habenula is on fire from the PG, you feel like you’re going to die, and you don’t want to stop drinking…

You’ll stop sometime anyway.  Alcohol increases intestinal permeability in addition to the germs and the gluten.  Your guts will eventually give out.   That’s not a fun day or three.  You’ll never drink again after that.   Try marijuana if it’s legal.  It works way better.


Opioids.   These are pretty easy to explain.   People with progressive arthritis and gut damage will be attracted to them.  They will become dependent on them.   Because they stop the pain.   The pain in their guts and spines.  The pain their doctors say doesn’t exist.  The problem with opioids is they progressively disable the opioid receptors, making the drugs less effective over time.  People aren’t addicted, their relief is diminishing AND they are getting sicker!  They need an effective therapy!     It’s not a mystery why people are overdosing on Fentanyl.   They are desperate.


Nicotine  inhibits herpes virus replication.   It impairs P. gingivalis infiltration into cells.   It lessens inflammation.  It improves the symptoms of Parkinson’s.  It slows the progression of Alzheimer’s.

It suppresses the Habenula!!!!!

This is surely the reason I couldn’t quit smoking. Because when I did, my brain became worthless. This is probably the reason 20% of the population still uses nicotine despite billions of dollars spent on cessation programs.  I switched to vaping 10 years ago.   I think it saved my life.   In many ways.

Nicotine is not carcinogenic.   All the other stuff from burning cigarettes is toxic.  Destroys your gum integrity.


Marijuana improves intestinal integrity and effectively soothes spastic nerves.   It calms the tremors of Parkinson’s Disease.  It made it possible for me to work during severe Tourette’s.   It messes up my memory, but not nearly as bad as brain infection does.  It’s been truly therapeutic.


Cocaine administered nasally alleviates sinus congestion. That was its first medical use.  It also kills P. gingivalis when applied to the gums.   That probably explains the crack epidemic right there.   High potency antimicrobial action delivered directly to the oral tissues.  


Amphetamines- have always been used to reduce nasal inflammation.  They also induce ketosis which stimulates the immune system and alleviates exhaustion.   They dry out your gums and salivary glands though, and promote periodontal disease.  This is why meth addicts’ teeth fall out.    

This is especially problematic because gum disease can cause narcolepsy and amphetamines are the first treatment prescribed for people with that.   Yeah, I’m not kidding.   I lost two teeth.

Do you see the pattern?   A lot of these are ingested through the mouth.   Or they affect the nerves in the mouth and head and guts. That’s a big red flag with a cherry on top, people.

Taking drugs is not a brain problem, it’s a desperate mouth solution.

I have never met a drug addict or crazy person who had good teeth. Health care providers consistently get this causation backwards.   The dental pathology actually comes first.

The only reason I didn’t go to jail for drugs is because I’m a privileged white woman.  A librarian.  Nobody ever checked my purse.

We experiment for fun, and figure out that we’ve been lied to.  They don’t make us feel bad at all.  Some of them really help a lot.  They just don’t solve the problem.


Think Rationally-  Choose the Yellow Powder

Plaque begins to show up in archeological remains shortly before the time that agriculture starts.

Human health took a dramatic turn for the worse after agriculture was established.

Teeth scraping was a prehistoric occupation, wooden picks must have been used.   Tooth scrapers are some of the first metal implements, and tooth picks and brushing sticks are used even today.

Abrasive tooth pastes and powders were used in ancient civilizations.   Dental procedures were common.


The first thing to do if you have these diseases in your family, or symptoms of your own:

Get a DNA test for APOE status.   You need to know if you inherited the APOE4 gene.

HSV1 is as common as PG.   Almost everyone has been exposed to it by the time they are 40.


If you are APOE4 positive and have had recurrent oral Herpes virus lesions

Get a permanent preventative prescription for Valacyclovir.   Seriously, demand it.  Your brain is at high risk of infiltration.

Try nicotine lozenges or gum during an outbreak if you can’t get a prescription.   Take a picture of the lesion and order online.


Elevated salivary APOE levels are indicative of a bacterial infection in children.  This can also be tested.

All of these microbes are easily tested with a swab or spit test.   Ask to be tested if you have oral sores or gingivitis.   Flossing is not going to help if you have a pathological biofilm.


You must get your broken teeth and cavities fixed.   Rotten ones need to be pulled.   No, it’s not better to keep them in your head.   One deep infection will affect your whole mouth and head and ability to heal.   The germs are constantly flowing into your bloodstream.


When doctors say Oral Administration of a drug, it isn’t really.   They give us pills.  Red pills, blue pills.

That is post-gastric systemic administration.  That is the reason their treatments are so ineffective when tested on these problems.   What we need is topical oral administration.

The basic rule for the rest of the therapies is APPLY TO THE ORAL TISSUES.  Find ways to distribute the treatments around your mouth.


Streptococcus bacteria

Strep species are the “foundation” microbes in periodontal disease- the “gateway microbes” to insanity.   They usually infect the mouth and throat area in children.  They tear up the tissues and allow all the other microbes to move in.   This includes Strep mutans which causes cavities and Strep viridans which infects the tonsils.    Those are usually transient, but they facilitate the permanent colonization of Strep pneumoniae in the nasal sinuses, and PG and herpes in the mouth.

Strep bacteria are highly resistant to antibiotics anymore.   Baking soda is the preferred treatment.   In toothpaste or mouthwash or nasal spray.   It’s mildly abrasive and alters the pH level and they can’t metabolize sugar.  It works really well.

P. gingivalis

If you have tartar buildup and periodontal disease, dentists will scrape the hell out of your teeth and give you Chlorhexidine rinse.   This is maybe not the most appropriate approach.  Vigorous scraping cuts the gums and allows the microbes to infiltrate.  P. gingivalis vessicles disable chlorhexidine.  PG biofilms survive chlorhexidine treatment.  The rapid reduction in plaque bacteria also seems to result in an increase in strep mutans bacteria after therapy.

My mouth was so insensate and my narcolepsy so bad, I did this without anesthetics and slept through most of it.   That did not seem to concern the dentist or hygienist in any way.  

PG also makes chemicals that neutralize hydrogen peroxide.   Theoretically, it should work since it’s an anaerobic bacterium, but it really doesn’t.  I suspect that the rampant use of tooth whitening products is killing a lot of anaerobic oral bacteria and allowing P. gingivalis to proliferate. 

Since those aren't effective, they might give you antibiotics.

There are not many antibiotics that work on this menace.   It apparently collects resistance genes really easily.  

Right now, the recommended one is Moxifloxacin.  It works pretty well to alleviate symptoms in patients, but it has been shown that PG inside the cells can survive.  The current consensus is that the elimination of intracellular PG by systemic antibiotics alone is problematic. The indiscriminate use of antimicrobials for PG could result in the appearance of more highly resistant strains of this and other bacteria associated with periodontal diseases.

I will not take any more systemic antibiotics.  The last one nearly killed me. 

Statin drugs- which are prescribed for atherosclerosis, efficiently inhibit P. gingivalis and have also been shown to regrow bone in the jaw!     They are not enough though.


Here are the things I have found that are inexpensive, available publicly, work really well, and might be enjoyable.    


Soft bristle toothbrush- hard toothbrushes do not remove plaque better.   They do tear up the gums more effectively.   Use a soft toothbrush with baking soda toothpaste to remove daily grime from the surfaces of the teeth.

Compact Interspace Toothbrush-  you need a small brush to get behind and between teeth.  This is not possible with a large brush and you leave spots unattended.   Also called a denture, orthodontia, or end tuft brush.

Mouth mirror with light-  I’ve seen them at most pharmacies.

Sonic tooth scrapers-  (notes and pics in references)

You must clean the plaque and tartar off your teeth.   It’s toxic.  It’s rough and collects debris.   It forms biofilms with other nasty microbes.   Brushing and flossing is not effective enough to prevent tartar under the gumline.

I thought this machine would be a scam.  I have owned every kind of Waterpik over my lifetime, they are useless. They wash right over stuck on plaque.  These sonic tooth scrapers are amazing.  They feel like a massage when you’re doing it and give you that relaxed head feeling when you’re done

These first four items are always on top of all the lists of substances tested:

Curcumin/Turmeric.  This is a bright yellow spice originally from India.   It has been used there for centuries to combat gum disease.   It’s highly effective against PG.   More effective than the recommended antibiotic. It has two names; Turmeric is the plant, curcumin is the spice. You will see either name on the products.  

You can cook just about anything with it.   You can make tea.  You can put it in smoothies.   It comes in candy and gummy form.  I like the gummies. Gummies are my favorite food group. I have been wishing for gummy candy that heals my mouth for a very long time.  

Put it in your mouth twice a day.   Try to keep it there as long as possible.  Ginger is related and seems to help too.

Quercetin-  also shown to be highly effective.   Available in all the forms already mentioned.

Green Tea- very effective against PG and reduces mouth inflammation drastically.   I drink white tea, which is the younger leaves of the same tree.   Works in minutes.  Do not mix with curcumin, they don’t work well together.

Chamomile Tea-  same as above.


Capsaicin- Oh this deserves a whole section.   It’s fascinating.   Capsaicin is the molecule that makes chili peppers spicy.  They activate the capsaicin receptor in your mouth and it feels hot.  The thing about it is, after a number of stimuli, it stops working and your sensory nerve endings are disabled for a while. That’s why you boys think it’s impressive to eat it as sport.  Men with no pain sensation like to injure themselves for attention.  

This is the same receptor PG uses to attach to your gums.  Chili capsaicin will fill up the receptors so PG can’t attach.  Temporarily.

I am pretty sure that a lot of hot sauce addicts are using it for a reason.   It’s a symptom.

The capsaicin in food won’t normally hurt you, but all that vinegar and sugar you put it in isn’t so great for your mouth. Acid facilitates the growth of adverse strep bacteria.  Capsaicin should be mixed with fatty substances.  You don’t need a lot, there’s a limit to how much is effective.   Extreme is unnecessary and just ridiculous.


Aloe Vera-  disrupts biofilm formation.   It comes in juice, and gel and toothpaste.

Cocoa   Yes chocolate.  It’s the polyphenols.   It also reduces pain.  I think this is why chili chocolate is so popular.

Vitamin D3 reduces the inflammation.  It impairs the ability of PG to pierce the cell membranes.  The experimental results you see are inconsistent because people take pills.  Liquid D3 is more effective.  You need to use the liquid fish oil, concentrated drops in beverages, or lozenges/gummies.

Vitamin C  also reduces inflammation and strengthens the cell membranes against invasion.   It has been shown to improve periodontitis.    Comes in all kinds of mouth coating versions.

Probiotics   Some species of bacteria in the mouth can obstruct the attachment of PG.   Here are a few I found in research along the way.  There are probiotic gummies now, but I didn’t read the labels.

  • Yogurt
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus reuteri 
  • Lactobacillus pentosus 
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum 
  • Streptococcus gordonii


The fact that intracellular PG is so resistant to treatment is a real problem. 

I don’t know if it will ever be totally eradicable in colonized patients. I do think the tumors will be way more survivable. As long as these superficial options are our only choice, we will have to be diligent in our mouth maintenance.   

My experience has been: reducing the bacterial burden in the mouth and by extension the digestive tract, helps a lot.  My dry sockets and deep pockets have finally healed.  It has relieved the mental symptoms remarkably.    I don’t think it’s regrowing any of my brain cells.  I don’t know if it will allow pancreatic beta cells to regenerate.    But I believe I have proven I can think again.  I’m not having constant panic attacks.  I am not bent over in pain with arthritis or Tourette’s anymore. 


Here are a couple of things that are worth mentioning.

Don’t kiss random people.   PG and HSV1 are highly contagious.   Cavities are too!  You definitely don’t want all these infections at the same time.   You also don’t want to give them to others.

Vitamin B12 accelerates the growth of Porphyromonas gingivalis.    If you are actively trying to get rid of PG, you probably shouldn’t take B12.

PG eats amino acids; it likes to feed on meat.    A lot of us have adopted low carb diets to compensate for the insulin resistance.  We have to be extra careful about removing the all the protein debris from our teeth and gums.  Maybe even our guts for a while.   This may be the reason for the conflicting reports on the dangers of eating meat.   Maybe it’s not the meat that’s dangerous.

High glucose availability  increases the inflammatory response induced by PG.


Toxoplasma gondii parasites live in cats.  They live in cat feces.   You can get it in your brain if you are around cats or cat waste.   It causes cognitive problems of its own and it will accelerate Alzheimer’s pathology.

COVID is still everywhere.   Get your vaccines!  Wear your masks!!!


Coming technology:


Gingipain R1 is the attachment molecule for PG.   An experimental R1 DNA vaccine induced specific antibodies against this molecule, and this vaccine protected against P. gingivalis invasion in mice.

This is different than the vaccines that were supposed to clear out excess Beta Amyloid.  They didn’t work because Beta Amyloid Is a beneficial molecule.  It fights the brain infections that trigger it’s production.  You can’t just eradicate it.

These gingipain antibodies keep the bacteria from attaching and infecting in the first place.


The End of the World as We Know It-  and I feel fine

It looks like all of civilization has been plagued by this problem.   Most of humanity still is.

All of modern society seems to be built around mitigating the effects of this tiny microbe. 

It’s breathtaking.

Most of history is a long series of blaming these perpetual problems on someone else.  Everyone else.

But it’s not them.  It’s all of us.

These Microbes Make Humans Sick and Crazy.  And they are everywhere.  It’s pretty much as simple as that.



Hey Doctors.  Y’all need to look in our mouths.   You need dentists and periodontists in the places where you “practice” medicine.  And you need to check eachother’s work.   The simple act of brushing hospital patients’ teeth prevents pneumonia and sepsis.   This is noteworthy to us patients, as those are the two most deadly, and most profitable complications of this infection… 

You have made more than enough money off our complications, thank you very much.  Buckle up, your days of running the asylum are over.   

The fact that this one microbe causes so much damage should not have escaped attention for so long.  The separation of medical, dental, mental and vision care has left a whole lot of blind spots in your knowledge base and ability to discern patterns.   

This concept of teeth causing mental problems has been around for millennia.  Both Dentists and Doctors dismissed and ridiculed and ignored it.  The concept of painless dental infecton is also well documented.  Both these ideas were common 100 years ago. 

The advanced research is not exactly new either. The gingipain vaccines were tested in 2001.   There is a patent for intranasal administration of Curcumin for Alzheimer’s from 2006.   It is absolutely unacceptable that none of you know about this.

Just to be clear- I have had narcolepsy since 1965. Intermittent dementia for over 20 years.  Severe symptoms for 10 years.   I have been unable to shop for groceries for five years.  After healing my mouth for two months, I smoked over an ounce of high grade sativa while wrting this paper .   It took me three weeks.  THIS IS NOT A MYSTERY.   You will get no mercy from me.

Now, you all need to create some protocols to check yourselves as you go forward.

The pathology always, always, always comes first.

Don’t make the same assumptions you have made before.   People are not stupid.   People do not want to be depressed or fat or crazy.     And there are really good reasons why we are afraid of you. You disavow your responsibility and send us to Psychs.  You told my mother there was nothing wrong with me.   She believed you and punished me for sleeping so much.

Yeah Psychs- This has been right in front of your faces. Under your own noses You never even came close to getting it right.  You classify every bit of this under "Somatic Symptom Disorder". The correct terminology is "illness of unknown cause".  You must immediately stop promulgating your unmitigated patient-blaming nonsense.  I never want to hear about hypochondria or hysteria ever again.  Those are disdainful diagnoses you made up rather than admit your ignorance.  There will be no more sobriety clinics, no more cognitive or Freudian therapy.  Refer all your patients to a dentist.   You may redeem yourselves by cleaning teeth in mental and memory institutions. 

  • I saw an article suggesting that PG LPS could be used for pain relief.   NO! DON’T DO THAT!!!!!!
  • Beta-Lactam antibiotics burst these bacteria all over the body and induce sepsis.   Yeah, it took my brain  five years to recover from that.   Doing research with amnesia…
  • Your cholesterol-testing-based mega-billion dollar revenue stream has to go.  That has always been a scam.
  • Make Valacyclovir available over the counter in the U.S. - like the rest of the planet.
  • I hope you can now see that all your immune system suppressing drugs are not a good idea.  If infections are a complication of your drug, you're making this- so basically everything- worse.

People need more tailored dental information and treatment:

The symptoms of P. gingivalis differ based on the amount of melanin in the skin.  Dark pigmented mouths do not produce as much inflammation as non-pigmented.  The infection is less noticeable and peripheral damage progresses further before treatment.  This is a real simple fact that introduces racial bias into your diagnoses and ruins a whole bunch of lives.

  • Race and sex differences also exist in the shape of the face and the structure of the teeth.  This determines tooth durability and susceptibility to cavities.
  • Small jaws and tooth crowding is more common in western European populations.  So is Alzheimer’s.
  • Cranial differences result in variations in nerve impairment and mental symptoms during inflammation.

Crowded and crooked teeth are a problem.  They facilitate plaque buildup in tight crevices and chewing forces cause bone and nerve problems at the roots.  Those of us with tiny mouths need teeth removed.   Almost everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed. 

Orthodontia is also a problem, of course.  The brackets and wires tear up the tissues of the cheeks and tongue, allowing infection there.   All the tension on the teeth causes gaps at the gumline, damage to the bone, and infection in the sockets.  Retraction of the upper incisors causes pain, breathing problems and a seriously bad attitude.    This tortuous procedure derailed my life.

I have never been referred to a periodontist.   I had teeth extracted, deep purulent pockets and was told to floss more.  I have never been tested for infection by a dentist.  

Cosmetic dentistry.  Ooh here’s a real problem.   The infection rate on those procedures is alarmingly high. 30-40% !!!  You have been putting veneers and implants in highly toxic environments.   I have been watching some very famous people’s faces get bumpy and their brains melt down after their teeth have been “fixed”.

This is not an acceptable paradigm:  Ignoring our infections until our teeth are rotten.    Giving us prosthetics without resolving infection.  Removing teeth. Installing dentures.  

This also goes for elective surgery.  Especially on the face.   It seems to be addictive (ineffective).

Prove Botox is effective for depression.   I see no evidence.   It merely paralyzes infected nerves.

Lidocaine does seem to kill the oral cancers.   All the oral x-caine anesthetics inhibit P. gingivalis. 

Hey, it looks like having a bunch of holes in your mouth and preexisting illness allows COVID to roam wild and light fires all over the body.

  • The COVID- Periodontitis study found that COVID-19 patients with gum disease 9 times more likely to die, and also that those with gum disease were 3.5 times more likely to be admitted to intensive care and 4.5 times more likely to need a ventilator.
  • Other studies showed poor oral health has a direct connection to increased COVID-19 infection and to a higher risk of severe illness in patients with COVID-19.
  • Levels of white blood cells, C reactive protein, and D-dimer (indicative of blood clotting) were also significantly higher in the blood of COVID-19 subjects with periodontitis.

All these things and surely more need to be taken into account with testing and treatment options.


When people are ill, they feel less empathy for others than when they are healthy. 

Yeah, Prison.  This is men’s solution to the problems they cause.  The warehouse of pain insensitive people- being confined by other pain insensitive people. It’s an easy and effective way to isolate the aggressive, I guess.   People who can’t feel pain enjoy being cruel.  It’s pretty obvious it doesn’t really solve anything though.  And never has.

There are lots of infected brains occupying the penal colonies.

There always has been.  Lock them up.  Drug them.   That is the appalling history of mental health care.  There are still mentally ill people being chained to posts all over the world.  People who are missing a lot of teeth.

You cannot hurt people who have no skin sensation.  Whose habenulas are on fire.  This is why torture doesn’t work.  Deprivation doesn’t work.  It increases the pathology and desire to flee.  Without that ability, retaliation is the only choice.

This is the “cycle” that needs breaking.  

It must stop.   If the government is going to take away someone’s liberty, they must provide resources to alleviate and prevent these debilitating outcomes.   The current system considers non-compliant behavior to be a reason to not provide those things (nicotine, electric toothbrushes) to prisoners.  Of course.  One of the sickest people I have ever met spent three years in solitary confinement for acting out.  A man with no teeth.   His dentist pulled them all when he was 17.

I don’t have enough time left in my life to examine this issue properly.   I really don’t want to think about it.  The consequences are just endless.   Children of incarcerated parents have significantly worse oral health.  Go figure.    I can think of three reasons instantly.

It’s monumentally depressing to me.  There are lots of you who have been working in social justice and public health for a long time.  You people need to think hard and work fast.

Good oral health is necessary for a safe society.  

Basic Oral Health is the true measure of a just society.  



This is a problem government can address.   MUST address.

The evolution of humans has provided us with teeth that don’t fit in our flat faces properly.   Everyone will need to have a major procedure at some time. 

Capitalism has created a dental care system that is inaccessible to the people who need it most.   People who really don’t want to be a problem.  People who need medical and mental health care.  Because they didn’t get dental care.  Because they couldn’t afford dental care.   It’s catastrophic in its effect.

If we prevent this one microbe, we can cut the health care costs of everyone.  Promote the general welfare of the entire human race.

And maybe we can stop wasting time and money, make more electric cars and solar panels and rescue the planet…



We now have the ability to truly understand our world and make it a more predictable place.

To not be afraid of whole groups of people and recognize real danger.

To truly forgive our neighbors and actually help those who are suffering.

This is a great moment to be alive.