Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Six degrees of Gluten Intolerance

Do any of you know Lindsay Lohan?
Will you please tell her to stop eating bread before she implodes?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coming up for Air

The kitchen is at a point I can stop obsessing, the house is clean, and the weather is nice enough for me to sit outside and write. I guess it's okay that the remodeling took so long- we didn't get sunshine until last week. It gave me a long time to think. And I had a lot to think about. I found lots of new studies, heard from a few more people, and I had some interesting neurological events myself.
I have much to say, and promise I will get it out- but as usual- it's all inter-related and very detailed. I want to post it as one large unit so it makes sense. It will take me a while, even if I stay up all night for the next few weeks...

In the meantime, here's an article I found today:

Excess Weight in Older Women Linked to Diminished Memory
WEDNESDAY, July 14 (HealthDay News) -- Middle-aged women who are overweight may have yet another motivation to take off those excess pounds: The more a postmenopausal woman weighs, the worse her memory, researchers have found.
What's more, the negative impact on memory was more pronounced in "pear-shaped" women who carry excess weight around their hips, and less of a factor in "apple-shaped" women who carry it around their waists, the study authors noted.
In the new study, researchers found that for every one point increase in a woman's body mass index (BMI), her score on a standard memory test -- though still in the normal range -- dropped by one point. BMI is a measurement that takes into account height and weight.
This study expands on several others involving body shape, in which obese apple-shaped women -- but not pear-shaped women -- were found to be at higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and dementia.
"What this study is really telling us is that there's something about obesity that puts you at risk for dementia, and it's independent of other factors such as vascular disease," said Dr. Gary Kennedy, director of geriatric psychiatry at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.

It's nice to have some more evidence, but I just want to comment on one thing.
Gluten intolerance causes abdominal and gluteal muscle wasting. We carry our fat there for a reason, because the muscles there are deteriorating. For some reason men and apple-shaped women get big saggy guts and lose their butts altogether.

I cannot believe that not one of those pesky nutritionists has figured that out yet.