Sunday, November 4, 2012

Money for Nothing

MS drug 'rebranded' – at up to 20 times the price
A pharmaceutical company stands accused of putting profit before patients after withdrawing a drug used in the treatment of a chronic debilitating disease – ahead of relaunching it at a price predicted to be up to 20 times higher.
That's some pretty expensive lipstick on that old pig.

Reminds me of why I hate pharmas-  The CFO of my company came and gave a budget talk.   He said we were dumping millions of dollars every year into finding a treatment for Septicemia-  a deadly infection you usually get in a hospital-  because if we did find one-   "We will be able to charge anything we want for it".   He actually said that out loud in front of a lot of people.  He suggested TWENTY THOUSAND dollars per dose.   To survive an infection the doctor gave you...

Your money or your life.   That's their business model.

(for the record, I ran to the bathroom and cried and vomited.  And promptly went on a three week sabbatical.  And then I gave my notice.)