Thursday, July 30, 2015


Case illuminates immune system-psychiatric disorder link
Paul Michael is being treated for pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome, which can send him into rages. 

For many years, controversy dogged PANDAS, the provisional diagnosis that preceded PANS in the medical literature. The phenomenon, which was first reported in the 1980s by Susan Swedo, MD, now a senior investigator at the National Institute of Mental Health, included sudden emergence of OCD or tics (repetitive, hard-to-control vocal or physical movements) in the wake of strep infection. Swedo's theory was that the body's response to infection went awry and triggered an autoimmune attack on the brain. She succeeded in treating some cases with either long courses of antibiotics to kill strep bacteria or, if that didn't work, various immune therapies.
However, many healthy children carry strep bacteria, one of several factors about the biology of strep that have made it difficult to clarify the bacterium's role in the disease. So the syndrome's critics have contended that the kids simply had run-of-the-mill Tourette's or obsessive-compulsive disorder plus, perhaps, some behavioral problems caused by bad parenting.

Yes, well he's hyperinsulinemic and therefore the hypoglycemic rages, and check out the swelling- that boy has a serious mouth infection.
Someone needs to take away his sparkly toothpaste and twirly toothbrush...

And yeah, like I said, long term antibiotics have already been tried... there's a reason that doesn't work.