Saturday, November 21, 2015

Further Adventures in Auditory Phenomena

Further ruminations on the loss of sensation.

Results of my latest tinnitus experiment:

My head has been ringing for a couple years now.  Although some of it comes from my teeth, since moving to this dry climate I clearly have been having middle ear problems.   I have tried a number of drugs and things, but it has persisted.

Even though I do not have pain, I decided to try the advice I gave someone else and gargle with baking soda and water.   See if that could clear my eustachian tubes.

I hate to gargle and have had impaired facial movement on the right side since the shrieking started.  I suspected I wasn't swallowing properly.
So I got back there with a toothbrush and cleaned my throat.   My eustacian tubes are situated up high behind my upper molars, and apparently they collect debris and mucous there.

So- after clearing them out, not only did the screeching lessen dramatically, I regained feeling in the whole right side of my face and neck.  It was like a warm light warming up the side of my head.   And I am regaining small muscle movement over there too.     After about a week, I am amazed.

I found the toothbrush too scratchy, I didn't like long cotton swabs, but long foam ones seem to be good.   I think I might use them to clean out all the duct openings-  nasal openings on the roof of the mouth and salivary glands under the tongue.   Don't forget to rinse well and lubricate with some kind of edible oil.

A long time ago I noticed that we don't know how bad we feel until we get better.
About a year ago I noticed that we seem to lose epithelial sensitivity where we are infected.
Now I finally realize we just can't feel the source of our misery until after we get better.

I felt really stupid for not thinking of this much earlier, even though I couldn't think...
But I have searched and there are NO protocols or advice to swab out your throat to clean it.   None.
That's  astonishing

Update 2: These are the swabs you want.   They work great.   And like sinus cleaning, this process seems to work much better in the shower. 

Update 3:  Dammit, People....