Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gross Anatomy

It seems I am going to need to get graphic, you people are not complying with my instructions.

Every time I tell someone they need to clean their mouth and throat with a spongy swab, they insist they can't because just the thought makes them gag.

Well let me be clear, the reason you are gagging is because your throat is completely coated with a bacterial biofilm.   All that mucous that runs from your nose has collected in your throat and set up a permanent residence in there.   It starts in the back of your mouth and coats the down the esophagus.
It creates a continuous film over everything. And it's very much like an egg white.   If you touch one end of it, the entire thing moves.   And that slimy motion grosses out your brain and makes you gag.
Most of the time you just can't notice it's there. Because it coats everything and covers the nerve endings.

Wanting to gag is an effect of the snot, not the swab.

And for those of you who have sinus issues but your nose doesn't run down your face-
Yeah, that's because if it did you would take care of the problem.   The lesions that persist into adulthood are located further back in positions where they run down into the throat instead.   You just haven't noticed, because as I said, it covers the nerve endings in there and you can't feel it.

Chapped lips are a sign your nose is running into your mouth.
Yellow teeth are a sign your nose is running into your mouth. 

Get some swabs and solve the problem.

Edit: I happen to know you people lie in bed and wander the Valley of Death in your dreams...
You can't tell me this is worse than that.