Sunday, July 16, 2017

How Narcolepsy Works- in less than ten sentences.

Open wounds in the mouth allows Bacterial Endotoxin into the bloodstream.
Bacterial endotoxin slows down orexin cells.
Prolonged endotoxemia kills orexin cells.

The wounds may be caused by injury, teething, infection, or surgery.
And although oropharyngeal infections seem to be the most common in acute narcolepsy,  other chronic injuries and infections will also trigger this process.

Sugar promotes microbial activity and glucose lowers orexin levels directly- triggering sleepiness.
The reason gluten increases symptoms is it promotes the translocation of endotoxin going through your intestinal wall into your bloodstream- it increases your burden.  So does alcohol.

And in the wickedest irony ever-  the most common treatment for wounds and infections is also the most powerful trigger of orexin cell loss-
Antibiotics cause Acute Endotoxemia while they destroy bacteria in your body.