Friday, September 15, 2017

Further Adventures in the Loss of Sensory Perception

My kingdom for some reliable pain sensation...

Ordinarily, my mouth doesn't hurt.   My cheeks or eyes or neck or shoulders hurt when my teeth are bad- but not my mouth.

Last Friday I finally had a gum abscess between my crowns that was painful enough to need emergency treatment.  But I couldn't get to the dentist until Monday. So I went and bought Benzocaine liquid (Anbesol).   Put it on there for three days and (insert many florid curse words here) the septic pocket healed.

So I skipped the dentist and I put it on my slow healing tooth socket.  The one I have been nursing for two years.  And it healed in two days.   Because Irony.

So then I swabbed it on the gumline of my upper teeth.   And all my eye and cheek wrinkles relaxed. Ten dollar botox.  No shit.
So that gave me the idea of mapping every tooth, which I still need to diagram.

Lidocaine has many of the same properties as Benzocaine, so I decided to put some cream on a sore on my arm that wouldn't heal.  You know, one of those painless sores that ends up cancerous....  I have tried everything I could think of in the last year- antibacterials, antivirals, aloe, hemp oil, vitamin d, vitamin e, steroids, coal tar oil...

I applied it at midnight.  It was half the size and disappearing rapidly at 7am.
I put benzocaine on it the next night and it's shrunk by half again.  (forgot to take pictures, sorry!)
I have also put Anbesol on my psoriatic toenails.   Nothing has helped those either.    Until now.
Fingernail experiments are next.  

The research says these two are only mildly effective for bacterial control.   In petri dishes.
But it seems to keep those infected nerves from firing- and triggering the inflammation sequence- whether you can feel it or not- and allows the long term healing process to function.

Seriously.....  I am never-ever-ever going to get over this experiment.   This could change everything.

My mind is racing-
I think swabbing Benzocaine in old folks mouths might be an effective treatment against Alzheimer's.
It also helps break up throat biofilms, dearest strep zombies...
Pretty sure Chloraseptic spray would work to rapidly subdue most psychotic episodes.
But I will be writing more about that and more later.

In the meantime, do know that some people (especially children) have dangerous reactions to Benzocaine, and that you should test yourself with one drop at first.   And don't ever overdo it.
I also recommend taking out the stick and using a swab instead.  Much more precise.
Start with squishy molars or canine teeth.
I am working on mapping my face pain, so you can know which teeth to try next. (here you go)

Keep calm and restore your epithelial integrity.
Best wishes for a rapid and dramatic recovery.   


(While you are considering the efficacy of this treatment, please notice that I strung a whole sequence of descriptions and interactions together in this post.  I haven't been able to do that in months... I feel SO much better it's astonishing.)