Thursday, October 26, 2017

See the Darkness

YouTube Trumpkin and Former Milo Intern Kills His Own Dad for Calling Him a Nazi

Yeah, in case you haven't figured it out, I know from personal experience that grinding on crooked teeth in combination with the weather induced vitamin D deficiency and chronic respiratory infections caused by living in Seattle tend to make one alternate between suicidal and homicidal thoughts...

It's why I moved to Arizona.

The clouds come in October, and the sun doesn't ever emerge before July... 
Last winter, Seattle was very cold and had record breaking rain.   Everyone was sick. 

I would bet a thousand dollars he had/has impacted wisdom teeth AND strep throat.
That shit will make you crazy.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Beyond Sublime

My week as a white non-Muslim

After watching Channel 4's My Week as a Muslim, in which Katie from Cheshire donned a brown face, fake nose and brown teeth to look more "Muslim", I decided that maybe something similar would help me overcome my fear of white people.
I teamed up with a make-up team to experience life on the other side, or My Week as a white non-Muslim.
... In order to fully pass as a white person, much work was needed to hide my far-too-handsome-to-pass-for-white face. The first task was my teeth. Centuries of healthy stock meant that everyone would see through my white disguise due to my delightfully straight teeth.
They had a dentist produce crooked veneers, with four false fillings thrown in for good measure...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Maniacs Running the Asylum

Frail and disoriented, Cochran says he's not retiring
On one amendment, Cochran voted “yes” despite being told by an aide to vote “no.” The staffer tried to get the senator to switch his vote, but Cochran kept flashing the “thumbs up” sign, even walking over to the clerk tallying the vote and doing so. GOP floor staffers repeatedly told him the leadership wanted a "no" vote. Several more moments passed before Cochran realized he was voting the wrong way and then changed his vote.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Words Matter

This is what male humans call Winning.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017


High intelligence: A risk factor for psychological and physiological overexcitabilities

Very good article.  Readable too.

Unfortunately nobody seems able to reliably predict what might cause hyperexcited sensory nerves or a chronic immune response...

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Not at all Surprising

A pharmacist says he has filled Alzheimer's prescriptions for members of Congress

I think we can all assume this is valid for all legislatures: local and federal, domestic and international.

"Follow the leaders," Berlin, Germany, April 2011.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

As I was Saying

Boy Howdy, Captain Beserker...
He claimed that he gambled all night and slept all day, and that he never visited the pool because “I do not do sun.”

Uh huh.   Las Vegas is the Mecca of these advanced-state impulse driven zombies.
Remember this?  How to make a Maniac:
Microbes, Fructose, Sleep deprivation and Vitamin D deficiency...

Monday, October 9, 2017

Article Roundup

Reliance on 'gut feelings' linked to belief in fake news
Yeah, gut feelings are influenced by gut infections.

Up to one-quarter of cancer patients use marijuana

Massive projected increase in use of antimicrobials in animals by 2030

Vaping is better for you than smoking cigarettes says new study

First evidence of the body's waste system in the human brain discovered

Researchers find link between bacterial imbalances and breast cancer

Predicting when a sound will occur relies on the brain's motor system
New research suggests that motor signals in the brain actually sharpen sound perception, and this effect is increased when we move in rhythm with the sound.

Dietary potassium regulates calcification of arteries

Different sugars, different risks to your liver

Researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center now have found that mice on a fatty diet who were given high levels of fructose in their diet suffered much worse metabolic effects than those given similar calories of glucose.

Vitamin D protects against severe asthma attacks

Respiratory tract infections in young children linked to asthma and worse lung function

Statin use appears to reduce risk of serious bacterial bloodstream infection
Users of statins, widely prescribed for prevention of cardiac disease, have a 27% lower risk of contracting a Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) bloodstream infection outside of a hospital.

Trying Not to Get Sick? Science Says You’re Probably Doing It Wrong
Cold and flu viruses transfer in very different ways than we think

Researchers discover the key to long-term memory
for the geeks.

Study says zinc can halt the growth of cancer cells

Popular Vitamin Supplement Appears To Cause Lung Cancer In Men
Vitamins B6 and B12 are taken by many to increase energy, but it turns out they can cause lung cancer in men.

Candy Anatomy

Hitler's Sweet Tooth

Antibiotics for dental procedures linked to superbug infection, study shows

Children who take up American football early 'at greater risk of brain impairment'
Speaking of things that cause dental problems.

Veterans Administration throws suicide stats out the back door on Friday at 5 p.m.
Also, the suicide rate for female veterans is 250 percent that for female non-vets.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Toxic Sequela

A walking billboard of lifetime dental pathology- thus his repulsiveness to women (and urge to demean them)- but I'll just mention a couple things I haven't mentioned before-

Facial asymmetry is the quickest way to spot dental infections.  He has obvious eye drooping on the right side.  That's probably an upper first molar.  But it's hard to tell because his teeth are fake.
I would guess his dentist just capped right over the bad ones.   Happens all the time...

Those horizontal lines on the lower neck seem to be associated with runny noses and biofilms in the throat.

Grotesque- inside and out.


Forensics 101: Race Determination Based on the Skull
Whites tends to have smaller teeth, often with significant crowding and impacted third molars, and frequently exhibiting an overbite. Blacks rarely have crowding and the upper teeth often project outwards due to the angled shape of the maxilla. American Indians have well spaced teeth but often exhibit sclerosed dentition—when calcium deposits build up inside the tooth, thinning the root canal—leaving teeth loose within the mandible and easily cracked.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Epidemiology 101

3 percent of US adults own half the country’s guns, study says
-Just 3 percent of adults in the United States own half of the country’s guns, according to a new study by researchers at Harvard and Northeastern universities.  An estimated 7.7 million adults nationwide make up a group of so-called gun super-owners, stockpiling anywhere from eight firearms per person up to 140. On average, they own 17 guns apiece, researchers said.
-The Harvard-Northeastern study found that the percentage of Americans who own a gun at all has decreased slightly between 1994 and 2015, from about 25 percent to 22 percent.
-Nearly two-thirds of the 30,000-plus gun deaths in the United States each year are suicides.

Suicide Rates Highest Among Middle-Aged Men

Guns and Suicide- The Hidden Toll

White Men Have Committed More Mass Shootings than Any Other Group

White people should be more afraid of other whites than they are of people of color 
I examined Centers for Disease Control statistics on murder, gun killings and illegal-drug overdoses among white Americans. My analysis shows that the white Americans who are most at risk of dying from these causes are those who live in predominantly white counties.

This is a Fucking Symptom!!!

Acute Head Pain of Undeterminable Origin. 
“She said he would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, ‘Oh my God,’” a former FBI official who was briefed on the situation told NBC News.
 Yeah, been there done that.

My Girl

This is Fannie Lou Hamer.   She would have been 100 today.
Anyhow, she was a civil rights activist and spoke my favorite quote:

"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired."
I am going to alter it slightly-

I am sick and tired of White Men being sick and angry. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

State of the Insanity

All Massacres Matter.

American Carnage

Isn't this GREAT?
Even an decrepit, infected, demented alcoholic can get pissed to the gills and take out a whole crowd.
Next stop- North Korea.
Cheers Everybody.