Thursday, August 31, 2017

Walk the Damn Talk

All you small government and low regulation "conservatives" are now requested to move to Houston to clean up the toxic mess.

See the Matrix

5 December 2010
Charles Manson was denied parole Wednesday, the 511th time since 1978 that the former cult leader was ordered to remain in prison for a murderous rampage in 1969. In addition, four weeks were added to his multiple life sentences, to be served consecutively, as he was caught possessing contraband.
Manson was caught with a Sonicare electric toothbrush under his mattress and had used it several times before officers discovered it, said Terry Thornton, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections.
Manson is alleged to have brushed his teeth with the Sonicare and also used it as a flossing tool, it was revealed.
Prison officials added 30 days to Manson's sentence after the high-tech toothbrush was discovered and he will be counseled against dental hygiene and reprimanded, Thornton says.

See the future:
Prison Stocks Soar Under Trump As Jeff Sessions Okays Private Jails

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Now that's funny

Lord of the Flies, But With Women, Written by Men

Yes of course it is, clearly some men who don't know any real women.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Yo Doctors

YOU are the reason America is sick and getting worse.
You have fucked up the MOST BASIC things... for decades...

Huge Diet Study Shows Carbs, Not Fats Are the Problem
BARCELONA -- An enormous prospective study of food intake in adults, reported here, challenges several staunchly held beliefs about dietary components and their association with health risks: finding, for example that diets rich in fats, including saturated fats, don't increase mortality risk, but high-carbohydrate diets do.
And the study, called PURE (Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology), also found that the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and legumes top out at just three to four total servings per day.
In sum, the results suggest that nutritional guidelines and conventional wisdom regarding these basic dietary elements may be seriously mistaken.

oops, sorry Medline is restricting that one...  here's a less stodgy source
Low-fat diet could kill you, major study shows

So many Variations

Louis Wain's Cats

I do not know why I did not see like this. I think I should have.
I do not see the patterns when my eyes are open. Or auras.

As a matter of fact, until I was 40, I had perfect vision.
I decorate my house with a lot of intricate geometric patterns though.

There aren't any pictures of him when he was older.  I can't read his face.
But he had a cleft palate at birth... that's a wee bit of facial distortion...

There is a controversy over whether these variations represent a progression of worsening mental illness.  Nobody knows the order they were painted.
But this is irrelevant because the symptoms flare up with tooth infections and subside when they do too...  so the progression may not be linear.

Mapping the Darkness

These gifs are as close as I have ever come to my hallucinations.   I see patterns of light when I close my eyes. The overall effect is really similar, but the things I see are less distinct than actual lines.  Just swirly shadows.  And the motion seems to go the other way.   I have to figure out what that means...

This was my most common configuration while falling asleep
two sources, seemed to be located at the eyes.

This is what it looked like when I was a child.
one source.  off center.

This is very similar to what I had right after my tooth extractions
Definitely emanating from the upper jaws.

If my tear ducts are clogged and my eyelids are really puffy and I squeeze my eyes- I get something like this, but infinitely fractal in the center.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Pray it Away

Pastor Joel Osteen

A man who definitely sees vivid, multi-color, moving, 3-D visions.  Specifically, at this moment here.

This facial position pinches these nerves and reliably induces visual hallucinations.  His inflammation is symmetrical so he probably has excellent geometric patterns.   Squeezing the eyes closed then produces exploding sparks.
He surely enjoys his orgasms more than the ordinary bear.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mercy Me

So maybe now y'all understand why I don't go out much anymore.  And can't lead the liberation.

I see these symptoms everywhere.   Merely going shopping is a cognitive barrage of faces and involuntary stranger diagnosis.  It makes me crazy to know how miserable everyone is.  I can't go out for very long anymore.

It's so obvious it's mind boggling.   All I can do is sit here and try to document it for others.
I can't seem to string a whole essay together right now, but I am less panicky lately and am trying to publish my thoughts one at a time.

Just Saying

By volume, Joe Arpaio is at least 60% bacteria.

There is no way he could survive in jail for three days...

Maybe twelve hours in his personal concentration camp.

Friday, August 25, 2017

See the Pathology


This particular swirly effect is a real visual phenomenon.  He wasn't just being avant garde. He was painting exactly what he saw.
It originates from the nerves that control your eyebrow.  There are two of them on each side.

How I know:
My supraorbital on the left side gets inflamed.  If I wear a hat, this will happen.
But only on the left side of my left eye.  The rest of my vision is normal.  So trippy when it happens...
It's way different than my other hallucinations which emanate from the bottom of the field and manifest when my eyes are closed. This really is like looking through water running down over the eye.  I thought it was a stroke at first, but it stops if I remove the hat. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Weird Symptoms

When my mouth wasn't moving properly, I also had problems with homophones in writing.   The sounds and meaning somehow got disconnected.   Heal-heel, their-there-their-they're,  all of a sudden the wrong one would come out when I was typing.   And I haven't ever done that before.  Not even at my most demented moments.

Although this wasn't a sign of misunderstanding the point of the sentence,  it does indicate another lack of executive function and does make one unfit to be President. Words Matter.

All about the optics

He can't see.
And won't wear glasses in public.
Like hearing loss, mild vision impairment makes you feel anxious all the time.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fun with Medical History

Alexander Yersin isolated the plague bacterium during an epidemic in Hong Kong in 1892.
The Hong Kong government didn't want him there, didn't give him an office or samples.
So he flippin built a hut outside the hospital and paid morgue staff to steal samples.
A proper hut for a properly obsessed Swiss doctor.
Which then became the Hong Kong office of the Pasteur Institute. 

How to make a mean man cry

Ask that tough guy to to try this-

Take mini vibrator, turn it on high.

Touch it to the skin on either side of the bridge of his nose.

(Actually mini vibrators are a great diagnostic tool for people with facial desensitization.  Makes nerve problems quite obvious.)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Just Sayin

And I've said this before-
Maybe we should send a few thousand dental specialists to Afghanistan.
Nobody's tried that...

Monday, August 21, 2017

It's Official

Oppositional Defiance is the new American Exceptionalism

Trump celebrates solar eclipse by looking up without special viewing glasses

He is just incapable of self-restraint.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Believe these people when they tell you what they want is battle to the death

See the Superiority.

How I Know

This one on my left side was so bad the nerves were tweaked all the way to my forehead.
At this point I was not sleeping and having full scope psychedelic firework hallucinations on the inside of my eyelids.  (and doing field research screaming on the floor)

The other side has numerous problems.  I'll surely elaborate later.

I've had a couple uppers removed in the past couple years.
My visual phenomena have ceased.   I see darkness when I close my eyes.
That is something I have never experienced before.

Yo Dentists

Face Reading 101
Meet Bruce Pardo.  He is Mental Dental Patient #1

His facial distortion is caused by apical peridontitis of the upper canine teeth or the bicuspids behind them. (yellow stars)  The teeth are probably perfect, no cavities, but they don't fit in the jaw properly and are loose and infected in the sockets.

This tends to cause clenching and grinding.  That tweaks the infraorbital nerve up to the nose. (white boxes)
And causes sleep deprivation.   And vivid dreaming.   And visual hallucinations.
And closes off the nasal sinuses and tear ducts.
And promotes cumulative bacterermia.
And the resulting metabolic dysfunction, frustration and rage.

He became very obsessed with murdering his family in a most dramatic fashion before he committed suicide.
Just thought you might want to know.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Exhibit C

See the Symptoms of Superiority.

 Alex Jones does a berserker

He may want to have a chat with Glenn Beck.  

Here's a Problem

Every single one of these people has a chronic headache.

Just looking at Donny makes my face hurt.

Friday, August 18, 2017

This is Profoundly True

"Instead of a soul, Trump has an open sore"    - Bill Moyers

(Bill Moyers is one of the few sane old men in America.
I want to know how he brushed his teeth.)

Vicious Circles

See the Mirror, America.

Tina Fey Therapy Session

My Research Says

White Superiority is not a thing... because White Anxiety is.

Hypervigilance has certain adaptive benefits, but it tends to spiral into authoritarian violence.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

An homage to Jeff Foxworthy

If you have more tattoos than teeth-
Yeah, you might have septic bacteremia.

Dear Racist Ladies

Your aggressive man probably isn't going to martyr himself for the cause.
He's not going to go down in a hail of gunfire and glory.
Sure he's manic and violent and says he has righteous reasons...
but History and Science says:  He will most likely kill YOU.

Are you ready to die for him?
Because if you are, you need a dentist too.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Big Red Flag

This is what happens when all your lower teeth are rotten.

All those toxins collect in your neck and shoulders.
He's got two bad uppers too, paralyzing those saggy cheeks and upper lip.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tic Tic Tic Tic Tic

FBI Arrests Schizophrenic Man for Plotting to Blow Up Bank
Jerry Drake Varnell is accused of planning to use a bomb in Oklahoma City and claimed he’s a far-right extremist. His mother and court papers show he’s mentally ill.

Neccessity is the Mother of Invention

A candy flavored cocktail of vitamin D, green tea extract and olive oil...

... somebody work on that so I don't have to.

This is how I know

I have been documenting the bumps and sagging on my face for many years.
This is what I look like when I'm suicidal. (after H1N1 vaccine) 

The weird thing is, I can't feel it.  It took me years to map all those swellings to their origins.  To this day, I can't tell when it happens.  I just get despondent.  I have to look in the mirror to realize my sinuses are clogged and teeth are inflamed.

For the record, if you send me a head shot, I will tell you what I see.  Please don't tell me your known infections.  I want to check my work.

Zombie Shopping

In case you're wondering, this is one of my all time favorite reference books.   Critical Life Knowledge combined with vivid, disgusting photos.

I also own this, which is a historical version.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

While I'm At It

Bright red swellings on cheekbones are acute upper tooth infections.
They tend to make you annoyed with everyone.
Although he's got some leaky ones on the bottom, too.

Alternate Facts

A statement I am seeing a lot lately:
"When you have enjoyed unacknowledged privilege for so long.... equality feels like oppression."
That discounts a whole lot of contrite and progressive privileged people.

I think a more predictably valid version is:
When your head is septic, mere consciousness feels like oppression.

What I See

Obvious External Symptoms:
Adenoid Facies  (elongated face)
Acute Adenoid inflammation  (swelling at bridge of nose)
Clogged lacrimal glands and frontal sinuses  (swollen forehead and eyelids)
Upper tooth socket infections, probably number 4 and 12, common with adenoid facies.  (slack cheeks, reddened cheekbones)
Lower molar infections, common with young people in general.  (jowls and double chin)
Insulin Resistance (fat and puffy pink skin)
(If I were in charge the first thing I would do is check him for strep throat.)

Yeah, multiple infections have cumulative effects.  Nobody ever seems to realize that.
This young man's head hurts all over and he blames it on racial diversity.
It looks like living out of his car for a couple days was enough to tip him over the edge.

This is Yuge

Petition Declaring Trump Mentally Ill Pushes for Signers
The group "Duty to Warn," founded by influential psychotherapist Dr. John Gartner, has gathered nearly 60,000 signatures from mental health professionals on a petition calling for the removal of Donald Trump from office due to "serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States."
The psych professions are completely built around covering their own asses because their own theories have never worked to explain anything.
The fact that they are willing to put their names on this means that even they can't ignore that Trump is cognitively short circuiting and dangerous.
They can admit the obvious... that's some breakthrough progress there...

Believe these people when they tell you what they want is battle to the death

Septic people don't care if they die.   They know it will relieve their personal misery.

Septic people also feel less epithelial pain. People who feel less pain also seem to have a lot less empathy for other peoples suffering.

These are absolutely predictable symptoms of chronic untreated bacteremia.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Just putting this out there

I think the solution to Nazis somehow involves Hot Cocoa.
Those guys are really hypoglycemic and their teeth hurt.
They need naps.

I wonder if all the crafty middle aged lady resisters could get behind this strategy...
Make some custom cups.
-maybe a dentist groupon printed on there.

time to drop chocolate bars on the crowd.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

See the Vortex

This senator just insinuated that John McCain's vote was an aberration due to a brain tumor.
My argument is that the belligerent, impulsive symptoms come long before that.

He really should have that string of six skin growths on the left side of his nose and mouth and forehead looked at.   I would guess a nasolacrimal duct infection clogging his lymph nodes.
Skin cancer comes next.  Ask McCain...


I posted this nine months ago-


On this Veteran's Day, I think of my father who was an Air Force fighter pilot.   He was an obsessively dedicated and talented hotshot.
In 1962, he spent about a week in an airplane on a tarmac in Florida, waiting to see if he would have to bomb Cuba.
"I lived in that machine with an atomic bomb strapped to my ass."
That's how he put it.

He was lucky that John F. Kennedy was president.   Because my father was a good soldier.

Good Luck Everyone.

See the Vortex

Yes it looks like this young man not only has adenoid facies, but he's been hanging around the president and now his nose is inflamed too...

He was manically septic years ago.   See the long term effects: Baldness. Insulin Resistance. Obsession.

KellyAnne's face did the same thing after the inauguration.

Righteous Indignation is a symptom.

Effin Ay

We need some puppies.  Stat.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This is Why

We have a political problem no one wants to talk about: very old politicians

Yeah, they're older and sicker than ever before.   Held together with stents and statins. 
Unable to incorporate the complexity of this electronic world.  Stage managed by aides.
And getting more stubborn all the time.
Yes- stubbornness is a symptom of mental deterioration.

Unfortunately, they are the last generation that wasn't raised on antibiotics.
The younger folks are even less healthy and more emotionally volatile...

This is the YUGE problem that society must address before those old fuckers burn everything down.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Things that caught my eye

Missing Florida woman found after she bottled her scent

New brain death pathway in Alzheimer's disease

Stem cells in the brain’s hypothalamus help mice stay young
This is very important.   Neurogenesis in the hypothalamus is our ultimate goal. 

Alcohol boosts recall of earlier learning, study suggests
Drinking alcohol improves memory for information learned before the drinking episode began, new research suggests.

Blowing Out Birthday Candles Increases Cake Bacteria by 1,400 Percent
Nonetheless, these people seem to think this is an appropriate activity...
I am convinced it is a legacy group inoculation ritual.  Sharing the germs early and often to prime the immune systems of the entire group.   Unfortunately the massive amounts of sugar we eat these days lowers the immune response and causes chronic illness instead.

Millennials’ Love For Wine And Weed Is Hurting The Beer Industry

Diet choice, reproduction of fruit flies affected by gut bacteria
New studies reveal the gut bacteria composition of the common fruit fly has a significant effect on diet choice and reproductive success

Men’s sweet tooth may increase risk of anxiety and depression

Neuroticism may postpone death for some
Data from a longitudinal study of over 500,000 people in the United Kingdom indicate that having higher levels of the personality trait neuroticism may reduce the risk of death for individuals who report being in fair or poor health. The research further revealed that a specific aspect of neuroticism related to worry and feelings of vulnerability was associated with lower mortality, regardless of self-reported health.
Melting glaciers in Swiss Alps could reveal hundreds of mummified corpses 
Oh yay.   Zombie Plagues.

As I was saying

How to Make a Berserker:
Eat a lot of sugar to numb the pain of your septic tooth infections.

Similarly, this is the most exquisite tweet in the last 8 months:

Steve Bannon, still there like the rotting wisdom tooth you keep meaning to have removed.
Pardon me for neglecting the blog and celebrating Schadenfreude Week instead...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Lawrence O'Donnell can see it.  Always could.
I am so glad MSNBC kept him.  He speaks the truth. I love him.

Presidential Incoherence